Winterville Center for Community and Culture

Art Gallery: The Culture in Our Name

We are proud to host the Winterville Art Council's Art Gallery in our facility.  The gallery is a 100' long hallway showcased with the incredible works by local artists.  We strive to encourage local artists with recognition and community support and provide an aesthetically pleasing and artistic environment for the Center users and the general public.  

The gallery is open to the public from Monday through Thursday, 9 am until 4 pm.  

2016 Art Show & Exhibit III - September Through December

  • Untitled Wonder Women
  • "The One"
  • Potheads
  • "I Wonder"
  • In Wonder
  • "Holy Child"
  • "A Snail's Feast"
  • "Grand Canyon at Sunset"
  • Sweetgum Balls After Snow
  • "Icicles on Wesley Whitehead Fountain"
  • "Remember How It Felt?"
  • "The Creation of Adam Can Top"
  • "Rosie the Protector"
  • "Rest Stop"
  • "Tern Dreams"

We held our Inaugural Art Show and Reception on Friday, April 15, 2016.  The event was a smashing success.  You can read an article in the Flagpole here: Winterville Center Welcomes in New Cultural Era for Small Town.

Below are some photos of the event.  Click on the first image, then use forward/backward arrows to move through the album.

Inaugural Exhibit - Friday, April 15, 2016


2016 Walking in a Winterville Wonderland!

  • Walking in a Winterville Wonderland
  • "W" Wreath
  • Office Tree
  • Office Window
  • Hall
  • Kitchen Cabinet Decorations
  • Counter Centerpiece
  • Kitchen Cabinet Decorations
  • Kitchen Cabinet Decorations
  • Kitchen Cabinet Decorations
  • JOY
  • Room 102 Tree
  • Snowman Slide
  • Room 103 Tree
  • Room 104 Tree
  • Tree & snowman at end of hall