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National Novel Writing Month - Nanowrimo


November is National Novel Writing Month! 

Nanowrimo is a worldwide endeavor to write a 50,000-word novel in one month. Participants write 1,667 words per day on their novels to "win" at the end of November.

Though officially Nanowrimo exists to help individuals write fiction novels, some participants write poetry, nonfiction, memoir, or even complete editing challenges. These participants are known as "Rebels" and even have their own space on the Nanowrimo forums.

There is no single prize for winning Nanowrimo besides your novel, though sponsors of Nanowrimo offer various incentives and discounts on software and other items.

The Winterville Center cooperates with the Athens region of Nanowrimo to host a time to write on Sundays in November, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM. 

We will also be available Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 4PM if you just want to come and write in our coffeehouse area. We keep regular coffee and some snacks on hand and ask a donation of $1 for each.

You can find out more about Nanowrimo at their website

Become an Advocate for a Foster Child

Did you know that there are over 9,000 children in foster care in the state of Georgia?

At our First Thursday Luncheon on October 4th, Arden Bakarich of the National Association of Court Appointed Advocates spoke to us about how you can be involved as a CASA volunteer.

CASA volunteers are a special group of people who act as advocates for children in the foster system. A volunteer attends court dates and works with parents and social services on behalf of a foster child in need. These volunteers are appointed by the court and go through training to advocate for each child.

Interested in learning more about becoming a CASA volunteer? Contact the Athens-Oconee CASA Program to find out more. You can call them at (706) 613-1922, or fill out an information form at the National CASA website.

You can learn more at the Athens-Oconee CASA website at

Seeking Vendors for the Holiday Hoopla Handicraft Bazaar

The Winterville Center has opened applications to crafters and artists who are seeking a vendor space to sell their wares at our Holiday Hoopla handicraft bazaar. Vendors who apply must sell quality handmade crafts and art. 

The Holiday Hoopla handicraft bazaar will take place on December 8th from 8AM to 4PM. The event will be inside the Winterville Center, rain or shine. 

Vendor spaces are $20 for the full day. Each corner space will have a 6' round table and along each wall space, and the center of the room spaces will have a rectangular 6' x 3' table. Spaces are approximately 8' x 8'. 

If you are interested in participating in the handicraft bazaar, please come to the Winterville Center and fill out an application. The Winterville Center hours are Monday through Thursday, 9AM to 4PM. The cost to participate is required with the application.


The Mental Benefits of Chess


Ever wanted to boost your brain power? Chess may be a solution to enhance your ability to learn, think, read, and create. But chess can offer more than just brain power to both children and adults.


Builds Brain Cells

Some studies indicate that chess can develop the dendrites in your brain. Dendrites are nerve cells that aid in the sharing of information. Other studies have examined how some people have raised their IQ scores by playing chess.


Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s

Along with the development of dendrites, studies have suggested that improved brain function can help slow the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Like the muscles in your body, mental fitness and longevity can be built through playing chess.


Increases Problem Solving Skills

Chess can help children and adults develop skills in analyzing problems and inventing creative solutions. Chess teaches students to slow down and create a process for determining how the other player might react. Students of chess gain practice in finding multiple solutions to difficult problems.


Improves Reading Skill

One surprising correlation in a 1991 research study involved an improvement in reading skill among young chess players. The study, conducted by Dr. Stuart Margulies, tracked the reading scores of elementary students when compared with students who did not play chess. The students who played chess scored above the national average even if they were in a district that normally performed below average.


Learn Chess at the Winterville Center in Winterville GA

Interested in learning more about chess? The Winterville Center offers beginning chess classes on Mondays at 6:30pm. The instructor is U.S. Chess Federation member Tomas Ramirez, Ph.D. Children aged 10 or over are welcome when accompanied by a parent.


Compilation Of Chess And Education Research Studies by Mike Klein


The Benefits of Chess for the Intellectual and Social-Emotional Enrichment in Schoolchildren by Ramón Aciego, Lorena García, and Moisés Betancort


UGA Tailgate Potluck - Thursday, Sept. 6th at 12:30pm


Come enjoy a good, old-fashioned Georgia Dawgs Tailgate on Thursday, September 6th, at 12:30pm.

Tony Tolbert will share with us about the Poets of Winterville Club.

Wear your red and black, and bring a favorite tailgate dish to share!

Marigold Coffee House

Here's our latest venture. So many came to our coffee house during the Marigold Festival. Since then, numerous citizens have suggested we consider establishing a permanent coffee house. So we are doing just that. Below are the particulars. --Jack

Marigold Coffee House Pre-opening Announcement

The Winterville Center for Community and Culture invites you to the grand opening of our Marigold Coffee House on Monday, August 15 from 9 am-11: pm. Enjoy the company of friends as you sit around tables sipping coffee and eating donuts. Play checkers, dominoes, chess and other board games. Put together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle (We’ll leave it undisturbed for you to finish on another day). We have Wi-Fi so bring your laptop or pad.

The Marigold Coffee House hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-11 pm.

Coffee $1.00
Donuts $1.00


Location: Winterville Center for Community and Culture
371 North Church Street

Visit us every day. We are the morning Winterville community place to be.
Start now inviting others to join you on our opening day, August 15th!

New Poetry Group

I am excited about our new poetry group, Poets of Winterville. I often say we are all poets at heart.  Some of you have been writing poems since you were a teenager. I know several in Winterville who took up the art in their senior years. Perhaps you have never attempted a poem but secretly have always wanted to pick up the pen.

Whatever your poetry experience, you are invited to join us. As soon as we have an interested group, we will hold an informational and organizational meeting. Express your interest by emailing


OK. I'm going to print this...going out on a's a starter poem:

An earthworm's face defies remark.

It may be even fake.

But in the ground where all is dark,

What difference does it make?




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