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Marigold Coffee House

Here's our latest venture. So many came to our coffee house during the Marigold Festival. Since then, numerous citizens have suggested we consider establishing a permanent coffee house. So we are doing just that. Below are the particulars. --Jack

Marigold Coffee House Pre-opening Announcement

The Winterville Center for Community and Culture invites you to the grand opening of our Marigold Coffee House on Monday, August 15 from 9 am-11: pm. Enjoy the company of friends as you sit around tables sipping coffee and eating donuts. Play checkers, dominoes, chess and other board games. Put together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle (We’ll leave it undisturbed for you to finish on another day). We have Wi-Fi so bring your laptop or pad.

The Marigold Coffee House hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-11 pm.

Coffee $1.00
Donuts $1.00


Location: Winterville Center for Community and Culture
371 North Church Street

Visit us every day. We are the morning Winterville community place to be.
Start now inviting others to join you on our opening day, August 15th!

New Poetry Group

I am excited about our new poetry group, Poets of Winterville. I often say we are all poets at heart.  Some of you have been writing poems since you were a teenager. I know several in Winterville who took up the art in their senior years. Perhaps you have never attempted a poem but secretly have always wanted to pick up the pen.

Whatever your poetry experience, you are invited to join us. As soon as we have an interested group, we will hold an informational and organizational meeting. Express your interest by emailing


OK. I'm going to print this...going out on a's a starter poem:

An earthworm's face defies remark.

It may be even fake.

But in the ground where all is dark,

What difference does it make?





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