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The Benefits of Gentle Exercise

Can light to moderate exercise, when performed regularly, have long-lasting benefits to your health?

According to new studies, moderate exercise can lower your mortality rate and boost your heart health. Moderate exercise may also improve insulin sensitivity in diabetes patients even more than more vigorous exercise, according to an article in Time magazine titled, “You Asked: Is Intense Exercise Better for Your Health?



You may have heard that walking 10,000 steps can benefit your health. In another article, Time reports that while higher steps can mean even better health, just walking 5,000 steps can improve health for anyone who is sedentary or who works a desk job. Just getting up to walk a bit every hour and taking a short walk sometime during the day can mean huge benefits to your health.



If you enjoy dance or martial arts, you might want to consider trying Nia. Nia is an acronym for neuromuscular integrative action, and it is a practice that integrates dance, martial arts, meditative mindfulness, and other practices into a gentle fitness and art practice.


According to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Nia may help improve your circulation, balance, coordination, and range of motion. It may also help you reduce stress through mindfulness and increased oxygen levels.


Yoga and Stretching

Gentle exercise like yoga and stretching can help you develop muscular strength while reducing stress. The American Osteopathic Association suggests yoga can help improve the body’s ability to heal itself through regular practice. This can also aid in flexibility and preventing injury from other activities or from falls.


Gentle Fitness at the Winterville Center

Are you interested in experiencing the benefit of gentle exercise for yourself? Try one of our SilverSneakers classes! Gentle Nia meets on Mondays at 1 p.m. SilverSneakers Stretch meets Wednesdays at 10 a.m., and SilverSneakers Yoga meets Wednesdays at 11 a.m.

The Benefits of Gentle Exercise | The Winterville Center

Winterville Arts Council Spring Art Show


It’s time for the spring art show!


Featured Art


The featured art, by Camille Hayes of @camillehayesdesign won the juried selection and will be featured on the Marigold Festival T-shirt and souvenirs.


Winterville Art Show Featured Art by @camillehayesdesign

Art Show Participants


Here are some of the other featured pieces in the Winterville Spring Art Show:


"Butterfly" by Judy Hammond




"Pittard Park" by CMT Fine Art




"orange marigold" by Cameron Ferelle




"Marigold Plate" by Alison Kocher




"Marigold Festival" by Katie Porterfield




"Flowers of the Field" by Eleanor Pennington



Learn more about the Winterville Arts Council


There are even more artists featured in the Spring Art show! The Spring Art show is on display at the Winterville Center until the end of June. The Winterville Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


You can find out more about the art shows and the work of the Winterville Arts Council on their Facebook page.


Winterville Spring Art Show on display at the Winterville Center


Call for Marigold Festival Volunteers!


Volunteers Needed for the Winterville Marigold Festival May 11th


The Winterville Marigold Festival began over 30 years ago as a way to beautify and renovate the town and for the purpose of promoting friendship. Each year the festival features juried arts and crafts, barbecue and other food vendors, dancing and entertainment in the park, the Marigold 10K, parade, and other events.”


On the second week of May, Winterville celebrates with the Marigold Festival. The Winterville Center is looking for volunteers to help us host our booth and participate in the parade.



The Winterville Center is hosting an informational booth during the Marigold Festival. Booth hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 11th. In addition to brochures and event calendars, the Winterville Center booth will have a drawing for some door prizes.


We need two volunteers per hour to host our booth. You are welcome to sign up for multiple hourly volunteer slots.



Anyone in the Winterville Center community is welcome to walk with us in the parade or ride in the truck. Walkers will be passing out candy and other small items. We will still need booth volunteers during the parade hour.


Volunteer at the Winterville Center Marigold Festival Booth

To sign up for a volunteer slot at the booth, or to walk with us in the parade, please call us at 706-742-0823 or email

Winterville Center Marigold Festival Booth


Telling a Couple's Story: Planning an Anniversary to Remember

Telling a Couple's Love Story | ID 29653746 © Photographerlondon |

The most memorable parties are the ones that not only tell the stories of the past but become a story themselves in the future.


Telling the story of the couple is the most important thing you can do when planning an anniversary party. This is commonly thought of as the theme, but every part of planning can highlight the couple’s story.


Planning a Central Theme


The central theme of the anniversary celebration should reflect the couple’s love story and shared interests. Who are they separately and together? Is there some interest or hobby that most of their friends would say reminds them of that couple and their story?


Parties with heavily-inspired themes such as a murder mystery may not match a couple’s story and interests. These concepts are wonderful for parties without a special occasion but may hinder interaction between the couple and guests on this particular occasion. Some couples may be uncomfortable with a culturally-themed party such as a luau unless they have a strong personal and cultural connection to that theme.


Focusing on more subtle themes that naturally allow guests to communicate memories to the couple may have a more meaningful impact. For example, an aerospace theme for two pilots would be a natural theme. You may even be able to create a theme around the couple’s last name. It may help to make a list of all the interests and activities of the couple to find one that speaks to that couple’s story.


Accentuate with Details


Instead of a slide presentation or a video, why not decorate with vignettes of the couple around the room or on each table? Include a photo and a short memory for guests to read and discuss. Spreading the vignettes out will also encourage guests to meet, mingle, and share their own memories of the couple.


Details like party favors can reinforce the telling of the couple’s story. Party favors can be inexpensive and still have meaning. One example is a printed sheet of what happened on the day they were married. Include facts from history, the #1 song or movie, and celebrities that share the same anniversary. If the couple is a fan of sports, include winning college and professional sports teams.


Include Personal Stories


Many anniversary parties have extended toasts, but the words spoken at these toasts may not be as memorable after so many of the family and friends speak. Having a videographer record family and friends telling their stories individually, while focusing on one or two featured speakers may create more lasting memories for the couple.


Are You Planning an Anniversary Party?


If you are planning an anniversary party, you have a unique opportunity to tell the love story of one couple to all their friends and family. The greatest gift you can gift them is one where you communicate not only their story but how they have affected their friends and family through their love.

Telling a Couple's Love Story Through Their Anniversary Party

Third Anniversary Low Country Boil

Winterville Center Low Country Boil


We gathered on Thursday, March 7th to celebrate the Winterville Center for Community and Culture’s third anniversary with an old-fashioned low country boil!



Low Country Boil


What Is Low Country Boil?

A low country boil is a type of seafood boil that contains shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. It’s traditionally seasoned with Old Bay seasoning. In some parts of North Carolina, it’s called Frogmore Stew.


Low country boils are usually served on newspaper without the use of plates or utensils. This dish tends to be favorable for serving large groups of people and is fairly easy to prepare.


Low Country Boil Being Prepared



Our Mardi Gras celebration included plenty of delicious low country boil for everyone who attended. The food was made by Valerie and Scott Hayes.


We also enjoyed a selection of homemade desserts made by several who attended. Patty Boyd made two King Cakes, which are the traditional dessert for Mardi Gras. Each King Cake has a small plastic “baby Jesus” hidden in it. The tradition is that the person who finds the trinket should be the one to host the next Mardi Gras party.



Patty Boyd Tatted Mardi Gras Mask




Patty Boyd also donated a beautiful handmade tatted Mardi Gras mask encased in glass as a raffle prize.


The Winterville Center also gave everyone at least one free class, with a few receiving more than one free class.



Mayor Dodd Ferelle of Winterville GA


April 1st Thursday Potluck Luncheon

We will return to our regular potlucks in April.


Be sure to attend our April 1st Thursday Potluck Luncheon on April 4th at 12 p.m. Our speaker for April will be former Director Jack Eisenmann, who will be sharing with us about labyrinths.


Photos courtesy of Mike Boyd.


Zumba Fitness Class Starting March 20th at 6 pm

Zumba Fitness Class at the Winterville Center

Have you heard of the dance fitness sensation that is Zumba? Zumba is a dance fitness class that mixes Latin dance moves with high-energy fitness, all to Latin music rhythms like salsa, merengue, soca, and mambo.

Burn tons of calories

Zumba classes can help you burn 600 calories or more in each one-hour class! If you want to supercharge your exercise routine, Zumba is definitely the class for you.

Keeps heart strong

A one-hour session of a Zumba fitness class can provide both sustained aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, both of which can help improve your cardiovascular health and increase oxygen levels. 

Develops coordination

Both dancing and aerobic exercise can help develop coordination and balance. Zumba can help you move better and learn basic Latin dance moves. 

Boosts Mood

Regular exercise can help improve your mood and reduce stress over the long-term, but it also provides a short term boost to mood. 

It’s fun!

Zumba not only has great health benefits, but it’s a lot of fun! In Zumba, you can listen to great music and learn some Latin-inspired dance moves while making new friends. 

Ready to try a Zumba fitness class? 

If you would like to try Zumba, come join our free Zumba fitness class on March 20th at 6 pm in room 102 with instructor Anie Hansen.

You can find more information about Zumba at their website

March Announcements

Zumba at the Winterville Center


Are you interested in Zumba classes? We’ve found an instructor who can teach certified Zumba.


Take our poll on Facebook and share what kind of Zumba class most interests you.





Beginning Sewing starts March 7th!


We still have a few spots left in our beginning sewing class!


Learn basic sewing skills and take home two completed projects by the end of four weeks. Call 706-742-0823 to sign up!



Winterville Arts Council - Winterville Art Show


Final Call for Spring Art Show


The deadlline to submit art to the Winterville Art Show and Marigold Festival is March 5th.


Artists can submit up to 3 “marigold” themed pieces via .jpg format to


Sewing Classes at the Winterville Center

Athens Sewing Classes at the Winterville Center

Starting on March 7th, the Winterville Center will be offering beginning sewing classes in classroom 101. This beginning class lasts 4 weeks and will take place on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

In the beginning class, students will make a customized tote bag for the first project, and either an apron, shorts, or pajama bottoms for the second project. Each project will take two classes to complete. Some of the skills that students will learn are how to use their sewing machine, sewing in a straight line, and adding appliques to your project.

Students will need some supplies for the first class. These include sharp scissors, pins, pin cushion, a ruler. Scrap fabric will be provided for practice.

Instructor Mary Ann Scanlon is a former high school teacher who has previously taught sewing to both children and adults. She brings great enthusiasm for both teaching and sewing to the classes here at the Winterville Center.

The Winterville Center hopes to offer more sewing classes in the future for different ages and levels. If there is sufficient interest in the beginning sewing class, more advanced sewing classes may be added. 

We are looking for donations of sewing machines for future classes and possible summer camps. If you would like to donate a sewing machine in good working order, please call us at 706-742-0823.

Pre-registration for Beginning Sewing is required as seats are limited to 8. Anyone seeking Winterville or Athens sewing classes should consider signing up at 706-742-0823.


The Winterville Center offers Athens sewing classes

The Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia

Francie Pastor of the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia

Financial burdens can place immense stress on cancer patients, potentially hindering their treatment progress. Cancer patients and recent survivors may have financial resources available to them thanks to the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia.

On February 7th, the Winterville Center hosted speaker Francie Pastor, Financial Assistance Program Assistant of the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia.

The Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia can provide financial assistance for cancer patients in a number of ways. They may be able to help with rent, mortgage, utility bills, insurance premiums, and pharmacy prescriptions. Other avenues of aid include nutritional assistance, medical equipment, and transportation costs.

There are some qualifications that may determine if you are qualified for assistance from the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia. Applicant must be at least 18 years old, must have a household income less than or equal to 250% of the Federal Poverty Limits, and have a medically certified cancer diagnosis and in active treatment or within six months of treatment or in hospice services. The applicant must also reside in one of 18 northeast Georgia counties. Other stipulations may apply.

If you or someone you know is battling cancer, struggling with financial issues, and lives in northeast Georgia, consider calling the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia to see if financial assistance might be available.


Photos from Around Winterville

The Winterville Depot in Winterville Georgia

The Winterville train depot is on the corner of Main Street and Parkview. Winterville's train stop was original called Six Mile Station, before being called Winter's Station, and then finally the town around it was named Winterville in 1866. 


Downtown Winterville Georgia

A foggy morning in Winterville Georgia. In the distance, you can barely see the Winterville City Hall. Winterville was built up around the train station. Cotton was an important agricultural export.


A tree on N. Church St in Winterville Georgia

A large tree stands guard on N. Church Street, just down from the Winterville Center. The city is currently working on several tree initiatives to care for aging trees and plant new trees. 

You can learn more about the city tree initiatives at the Winterville Tree Commission page.


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