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Can Functional Fitness Help Me?

Do you want to live a longer, more satisfying life? You may want to consider practicing a functional fitness program to improve your ability to do daily activities while extending your life and improving your general enjoyment of life.


What is functional fitness?


Many daily activities depend on the movement of our bodies. Functional fitness encourages the development of commonly used muscles to help us perform the things we do in life. 


Functional fitness practices like free weight workouts, yoga, or even walking not only can help us build muscle to get better at other fitness activities, but can improve how we do laundry, rake leaves, or play with our children. 


What benefits can come from functional fitness?


Building and maintaining strength can not only help us do ordinary daily tasks, but also protect us from injuries due to sudden movements. Developing key muscles can insulate your joints from damage and long-term wear. If you practice a sport or other physical activity, functional fitness moves may help your performance and improve stability and stamina.


But functional fitness activities may have benefits even beyond daily activities and sports to longevity and better mental health overall. Some scientists believe muscle power can contribute to a longer life and reduced deaths due to cardiovascular disease and cancer ( Other studies have indicated that those who use integrative practices like tai chi lived longer (


What types of exercises help functional fitness?


Many exercises that use your body weight or free weights, such as multi-directional lunges or dumbbell rows, can help with functional fitness. Exercises on a fitness machine may be less effective. 


Integrative practices such as yoga, pilates, martial arts, or tai chi may also help develop functional fitness because of their whole-body approach. These practices also often emphasize flexibility, stamina, and coordination, which can have additional functional benefits. 

Try a functional fitness class this week

The Winterville Center offers several affordable classes that can help improve your functional fitness, such as SilverSneakers Balance, Aikido, and Pilates. We plan to add a yoga class soon. Those with SilverSneakers memberships can take any SilverSneakers class at the Winterville Center for free.


Please consult your physician before trying any new fitness practice.

Winterville Center 4th Anniversary Celebration

Winterville Center 4th Anniversary Celebration

The Winterville Center for Community and Culture is celebrating our 4th anniversary with an open house week! Many of our classes will be free to try and we will also have several special events! 

All of these events are FREE for the week of February 3rd through the 6th.


Chess - 6 p.m. 

Free unrated games and basic instruction lessons for anyone who attends. The Winterville Chess Club is a chess community for players of all ages, skill levels, and experience who are welcome to take part in chess tournaments rated by the United States Chess Federation, participate in chess lectures, learn opening theory, play speed chess, and explore the underlying strategies and themes of chess endings.


Coffee House - 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Coffee House is open for anyone to grab some coffee and doughnuts or cookies. Coffee and snacks are just $1. 

Threadworks Crafting Club - 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

A social group that shares the love for all things thread, yarn, rope, etc. Anyone who crochets, knits, embroiders, cross-stitches, macramé’s or any other fabric craft should stop by.  If you would like to learn one of these crafts; someone should be available for teaching said craft.  This club is always free to participate. Coffee and doughnuts are $1 each donation.

Coffee with a Veteran - 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Come and join other military veterans during a time of socialization.  Most just sit around and gab, but you are welcome to play cards or other games.  This is a weekly free meeting time. Coffee and doughnuts are $1 each donation.

Aikido - 6:30 p.m.

Learn the Self-defense Secrets of the Japanese Aikido Masters! Aikido is the "alternative" martial art for it deals with violence and aggression in a nonviolent way that uses knowledge of body mechanics and mental focus. Learn how to defend yourself without the risk of harm to self or others. It's appropriate for all ages 14 - 80. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


SilverSneakers Stretch - 9 a.m.

SilverSneakers Morning Stretch prepares your day with gentle stretching -- both in standing and seated versions – to keep your joints functional and help you remain pain-free while building flexibility, range of motion and balance.

Bands and Balls - 10 a.m. 

Brand new class! Gain strength with a gentle workout using exercise bands and balls. For all levels; accommodations can be made for any ability.

Belly Dance Flow - 7 p.m. 

A beginning-level belly dancing class for anyone interested in learning the art of belly dance. Learn basic posture and combinations as well as our unique Tribal Odyssey Belly Dance format for group improvisation.


First Thursday Potluck Luncheon - 12 p.m. - "Heart and Soul". Bring a Southern comfort food dish. The speaker will be Dennise L. Grayson, LLC of the Grayson Law office. Attorney Grayson will bring information on various topics of guardianships, conservatorships, powers of attorney, special needs trusts, last will, and testament, benefits planning, health care advance directive and representative payee.

Mah Jongg - 1 p.m.

One of the oldest games known to the Chinese culture and mankind, Mahjong has evolved today to suit the tastes of the modern Chinese while keeping its roots intact. This is a weekly club that is always free to participate.

Winterville Elementary Art Reception - 5:30 p.m.


The Winterville Arts Council and the Winterville Center host a quarterly art show and reception. The winter art show features the art of the students of Winterville Elementary. Come and appreciate student art, meet new friends, and enjoy refreshments.


The Benefits of Pilates

If you are looking for a gentle workout that can increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility, consider Pilates! Pilates can be a great workout and is accessible for most ages and body types. 


History of Pilates

Pilates has a fascinating history. Joseph Pilates was from Mönchengladbach, Germany. the son of a father who was a gymnast and a mother who was a naturopath. Pilates was traveling with a circus in the UK when World War I broke out. He was interred at the Knockaloe internment camp on the Isle of Man. During his internment, Pilates started using the principles of physical exercise from Germany to strengthen his body in the internment camp.

Once Pilates got out of the internment camp, he refined his exercises into a series of 34 exercises. Some of these exercises are done on equipment he called apparatus, such as the Universal Reformer. Many of the apparatus are inspired by machines used in gymnastics or other fitness methods. Pilates believed that his exercises would keep people strong and help rehabilitate those who struggled with illness and poor health.

Development of Core Strength

Joseph Pilates believed that the stomach and back muscles formed the “powerhouse” muscles of the body. Many of his exercises are designed to strengthen the powerhouse muscles and develop core muscles. Pilates exercises may focus on a core muscle but also train other muscles at the same time. 

Improved Posture

With the strengthening of the core powerhouse muscles may come with an improvement in posture and an awareness of how those core muscles are used outside of Pilates movements. Many instructors highlight the importance of correct posture both in Pilates practice and in daily life. Breathing is also important in the practice of Pilates, and an awareness of correct posture can help awareness of proper breathing.

Increased Flexibility

Joseph Pilates felt that flexibility was important for the body, likely because of his circus background and his father’s gymnastics background. Some of the positions require gentle stretching movements. Since the movements are slow and practitioners are encouraged to breathe deeply, stretching movements may be deeper and more effective. 

Try a Pilates Class This Week

The Winterville Center offers Pilates twice a week. The Tuesday class is at 2:00 p.m. and the Thursday class is at 6:30 p.m. Instructor Nancy Burnham, a certified Power Pilates instructor is SilverSneakers™ qualified and those with SilverSneaker™ membership may attend for free. The class is $7.50 for those without SilverSneakers™ membership.



The Benefits of Pilates


How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

How do escape the tendency to make new year’s resolutions and then fail to keep them? 


There are some simple ways to set large goals and complete them by taking smaller steps every day. Instead of worrying about how you do something huge, think about what small ways you can move toward your goal today. 


Write It Down

The first step to achieving your new year’s resolutions is writing your goals down. Make your goals specific and measurable. 

Some examples of good goals are:

  • Walking 10,000 steps a day, measured by a smartwatch
  • Attending dance or yoga class once a week
  • Have a date night with your spouse once a week
  • Volunteer for four hours a week
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn to play chess

Once you write it down, post your goals somewhere where you will see them every day, such as on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or on the edge of your computer. 


Take Very Small Steps

One of the ways you can implement large goals is by setting a very small goal for each day. 

If your goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day, you can take your dog for a 15-minute walk each morning and evening to help achieve your goal. If your goal is to learn a new language, your small daily goal might be to use a language learning app 10 minutes per day. 

Another tactic you can try is what I call “just one thing”. When I used to write novels, it was very easy to procrastinate. So I would tell myself, “Just write one sentence.” Or I would write a sentence every time I sat down at the computer, even if I was just checking the weather. Usually, I would end up writing more than one sentence. This tactic works great for essays and term papers that are due weeks ahead. 

Create A Daily Routine

Another way to incorporate your goal into your day is to build a daily routine around it. It can help to set your routine first thing in the morning or just before or after a meal. 

Set out your workout clothes the night before so they are ready to go when you wake up. Take your dog for a walk right before breakfast. Spend 15 minutes cleaning one room, then walk through the house and pick up one or two things in each room and put them away. 

Set Reminders

One of the best ways to keep up with your goals is to set reminders for your smaller tasks. 

Set reminders on your phone or in your planner. Don’t let yourself remove them until they are complete. If you have a device like an Echo Dot, have Alexa give voice reminders at the time you would like to accomplish a task each day.


Take Everything ONE Day at a Time

You will have days where emergencies occur or things just don’t go the way you planned. That’s okay. Sometimes you have to prioritize what is really important. Try to get back to taking small steps as soon as you can. 

Interested in fitness, art, or taking a new hobby like mah jongg or chess? Check out our schedule of classes to find the perfect class to help you complete your new year’s resolutions.


How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolution


January News at the Winterville Center

Happy New Year from the Winterville Center

Potato Bar Potluck Lunch and Learn

12:00 – 1:00 pm
Thursday, January 16th (PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE!)

This month's potluck luncheon theme will be a potato bar! Bring your favorite potato topping or a dessert! Potatoes will be provided by the Winterville Center.

Here are some topping ideas, but bring your favorite: 

  • Broccoli
  • Everything bagel seasoning
  • Diced green onions or Chives
  • Cheese
  • Cilantro
  • Salsa
  • Crumbled Bacon
  • Black Beans
  • Chili (meat or meatless)
  • Sour cream (or non-dairy)
  • Butter (or non-dairy)
  • Guacamole
  • Sautéed mushrooms & onions
  • Sliced black olives

Open to all adults.  FREE admission. Before the program, we will have our potluck lunch, so please bring meat, casserole, side dish, or dessert to share. Beverages provided. The program will last one-half hour.


James Neves, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, advises that incidents of fraud are on the rise and scammers' tactics are becoming more complex. That's why it's important to educate yourself about fraud. Although no one is immune, there are steps you can take to Outsmart the Scammers. Join us for this presentation and learn important strategies to help protect yourself and the ones you love.

James will share:

  • How to spot certain red flags that may indicate a fraudulent encounter
  • Resources you can turn to in the event you or a loved one are targeted
  • Steps you can take now to help protect yourself and your loved ones


New Classes


Pilates in Winterville


Tuesdays 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Starts January 7th
Thursdays 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Starts January 16th

Pilates is a program of movements designed to improve posture, balance, and stability by building both muscular strength and flexibility throughout the body.

Instructor Nancy Burnham- 770-289-8883.

Cost: $7.50 per class. Punch Cards available. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Class Maximum: 6 participants. Parking available.


SilverSneakers Athens GA

Quilting the Modern Way

Room 101
8-week session
Starts Friday, January 17th

Quilting the Modern Way is an exploration of modern quilting that focuses on the creation of a handmade quilt without measuring or piecing. Basic sewing skills will be helpful for this class. Please bring your sewing machine, if you have one. We do have several available for those without machines.

Instructor Elizabeth Barton is an internationally known teacher of art quilts, author of two books and with 35 years and 250 quilts experience.

Cost: $80.00 per course. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

The minimum participants are 4, so ask a friend to come along. Pre-registration must be made by noon on Thursday, January 16th.


Class Changes

SilverSneakers Changes

We are sad to announce the departure of SilverSneakers instructor Michelle Arington after the January 15th classes. We wish her the best in her new endeavors! 

SilverSneakers Stretch will continue on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. with instructor Nancy Burnham. Yoga will be discontinued at this time. There may be a new SilverSneakers class added very soon. We will keep you updated through email, website blog, and Facebook.

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing will be separated into two classes, one for beginners and a more advanced class. 

Belly Dance Flow is an introduction to belly dancing, with a focus on learning basic technique and Tribal Odyssey improvisation. It is on Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The cost is $7.50.

Continuing Belly Dance is for advanced dancers who wish to further their dance and improvisation techniques. The cost is $7.50, or $10.00 for both beginning and advanced classes. 


4th Anniversary Celebration

The Winterville Center’s 4th anniversary will take place during the first week of February. We will be celebrating with a number of free open house classes throughout the week. Events include Coffeehouse, Artists-in-Residence featuring our art instructors, First Thursday Potluck Luncheon Thursday, February 6th at 12 p.m. and the Winterville Elementary student art reception on Friday, February 7th at 5:30 p.m. 

Stay tuned for a full event schedule for our anniversary celebration!

Holiday Closure Information


The Winterville Center will be closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays from December 20th through January 4th. The Center will reopen for the new year on January 6th.


Aikido will continue to take place throughout the break, but the office will be closed and no other classes will be held.


Be sure to check our schedule for new classes like Pilates and Modern Quilting in January as well as some class changes with Belly Dancing. Several more classes are in the works and will be added to the schedule in January.



"The Senior Sewing Club" of 1916 Winterville


Winterville has a long history of crafting. Thanks to Gwen Lotte, we have a news article about a sewing club. The newspaper is dated December 1st, 1916


This is a transcript of the article:

“This club has become one of the institutions of the town. Monday afternoon Mrs. Alice Deadwyler was hostess for the club. Almost the entire membership, together with a number of especially invited guests, were present. It was good to be there. Work bags filled with ribbons and laces, crochet work and tattin--deft fingers working with flying thread and burning needle, getting ready for Christmas. But none were too busy to take part in the chatter of busy tongues and to enjoy the perfectly beautiful salad course. Every plate was a study in culinary art and aesthetic arrangement. The afternoons are all too short for occasions so filled with good cheer and other good things as was the last meeting of the Sewing Club with Mrs. Deadwyler.”


Crafting is still as popular as ever! The Winterville Center hosts a modern crafting club called Threadworks during Coffeehouse on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. There is no fee to participate. Participants primarily do crochet or knitting, though some have done tatting or needlework. This club will resume after the holiday break on January 7th.


Don’t know how to crochet? We have a $5 starter kit and someone can help you on the path of learning how to crochet.


Winter Events Around Winterville

In Winterville


Winterville Christmas in the Park

Winterville’s annual Christmas in the Park is Friday, December 6th at 6 p.m. Bring the kids to see Santa and enjoy free hot dogs and hot chocolate while enjoying music from the Winterville Elementary students and RespirOpera.


Winterville Auditorium Movie Night


Winterville Auditorium’s first movie night on Friday, December 13th at 7 p.m. will feature a surprise Christmas classic for the whole family! Popcorn and drinks will be available. Donations accepted.


The Good Grief Trio Presents Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown 


Athens jazz trio The Good Grief Trio presents a tribute to the Vince Guaraldi classic album, "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" at the Winterville Auditorium on Friday, December 20th at 7 p.m.  The members are Greg Hankins on Piano, Luca Lombardi on Bass, and Seth Hendershot on drums. Doors open at 6 p.m. 

Buy tickets ahead of time, because seats are limited. /  


January Potluck Luncheon


The Winterville Center’s monthly potluck luncheon will be on January 16th at noon instead of the first Friday in January. We will be hosting a potato bar! We’ll provide the potatoes, so bring your favorite toppings! James Neves, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, will speak about protecting yourself from fraud and scams. 

Around Winterville


Athens Downtown Parade of Lights

The Athens tradition continues with the Athens Downtown Parade of Lights on Thursday, December 5th at 7 p.m. Get there early to get a good seat! 


Watkinsville Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting

Watkinsville celebrates the holiday season with a Christmas parade and tree lighting on December 14th. The parade starts in downtown Watkinsville at 3 p.m. with the tree lighting ceremony at 6 p.m. The celebration will include OCAF’s annual “Mingle with Cringle,” American Cancer Society’s “Light Up Main Street,” a “Cookie Crawl,” and annual Christmas carolers for the tree lighting ceremony.




Georgia Square Mall presents a free tuba Christmas concert. Any tuba player interested in participating can come and participate for $10. 


Athens on Ice

Bring the whole family ice skating! The Classic Center hosts indoor ice skating from November 24th to January 8th, and the Foundry Pavilion will host outdoor ice skating from January 27th to March 1st. Check the website for details and to reserve your tickets.




Winterville Elementary Art Reception

The Winterville Arts Council and the Winterville Center will be hosting the Winterville Elementary Art Reception at the Winterville Center on Thursday, February 6th at 6:30 p.m. This show will feature art from students in grades kindergarten to 5th grade. Follow the Winterville Arts Council's Facebook page for updates.



December News at the Winterville Center

December News at the Winterville Center








First Thursday Potluck Luncheon

Our December First Thursday Potluck Luncheon will be held on December 5th. Bring your favorite dish and an unwrapped gift for a girl or boy ages 0 to 5. 

The speaker will be Arden Bakarich from Athens Oconee CASA. All gifts will be donated to the Athens Oconee CASA for children in need. 

Holiday Closures

The Winterville Center will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd. Aikido will be the only class held during the holiday break.

There will also be no classes on Friday, January 10th due to building maintenance. 

New Classes in January

We will be offering several new classes in January, including Modern Quilting and Introduction to Cartooning.  Wonders of Watercolor will also be returning. We are also planning another Introduction to Aikido Saturday seminar. 

Some of our fitness classes will also be having free introduction classes. Make sure to check for those dates on our calendar in January!

Need a Last Minute Gift?

The Winterville Center offers punch cards in different denominations to take any of the classes at the Winterville Center. $30 and $60 dollar punch cards can be used for our $7.50 classes, which includes most our our fitness classes. $40 and $80 punch cards can be used for $10 classes, such as all the art classes.


Frequently Asked Questions at the Winterville Center

Winterville Center Frequently Asked Questions


Do any clubs meet at the Winterville Center?


We have two free clubs that meet at the Winterville Center. Threadworks Crafting Club is for fiber crafters. They meet on Tuesdays during Coffeehouse from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 


Mah Jongg is a Chinese game using tiles. The game is played much like card games played in pairs. The Mah Jongg club meets Thursday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is free to join.


If you have an idea for a club, please call us at 706-742-0823.


How do I know if I have SilverSneakers through my insurance?


The Winterville Center offers three classes endorsed by SilverSneakers that SilverSneakers members can take for free: Gentle Nia, SilverSneakers Stretch, and SilverSneakers Yoga. The SilverSneakers website allows you to look up if you have SilverSneakers through your Medicare Supplemental Insurance. You can also call your supplemental insurance company for more information. 


We have written a blog post that describes SilverSneakers and goes into more detail about checking your SilverSneakers status. 


How do I rent the Winterville Center?


The Winterville Center allows rentals on most Saturdays of the year. We may also be able to do small room rentals during the week. Rentals are $100 per room, plus a $100 cash security deposit which we return as long as the building is in the same condition. The large room seats up to 64 people. 


Read more about rentals and download a rental application on our website


Do you have any activities for parents and kids to do together?


Our chess club and tournaments are for ages 10 and above. Many parents play with their children and teens. 


Chess Club meets Monday evenings at 6 p.m. Chess tournaments are on the second Friday of the month from 6 p.m until 11 p.m. There are minimal fees for participating. 


When do the military veterans meet?


The members of American Legion Athens Post 20 and other military veterans meet for casual coffee time on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 


What memberships or punch cards do you offer?


We do not require memberships at the Winterville Center. We do offer punch cards. For our $7.50 classes, which include most fitness classes, a four-punch card is $30 and an eight-punch card is $60. For our $10 classes, which include art classes and Belly Dancing, a four-punch card is $40 and an eight-punch card is $80.

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The luncheon in January will be on Thursday, January 16th. We will be having a potato bar, so bring your favorite potato topping or a dessert. The speaker will be James Neves, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, who will be speaking about avoiding financial scams.