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National Novel Writing Month - Nanowrimo


November is National Novel Writing Month! 

Nanowrimo is a worldwide endeavor to write a 50,000-word novel in one month. Participants write 1,667 words per day on their novels to "win" at the end of November.

Though officially Nanowrimo exists to help individuals write fiction novels, some participants write poetry, nonfiction, memoir, or even complete editing challenges. These participants are known as "Rebels" and even have their own space on the Nanowrimo forums.

There is no single prize for winning Nanowrimo besides your novel, though sponsors of Nanowrimo offer various incentives and discounts on software and other items.

The Winterville Center cooperates with the Athens region of Nanowrimo to host a time to write on Sundays in November, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM. 

We will also be available Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 4PM if you just want to come and write in our coffeehouse area. We keep regular coffee and some snacks on hand and ask a donation of $1 for each.

You can find out more about Nanowrimo at their website

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