The Winterville Center

Community and Culture in Winterville, Georgia

Photos from Around Winterville

The Winterville Depot in Winterville Georgia

The Winterville train depot is on the corner of Main Street and Parkview. Winterville's train stop was original called Six Mile Station, before being called Winter's Station, and then finally the town around it was named Winterville in 1866. 


Downtown Winterville Georgia

A foggy morning in Winterville Georgia. In the distance, you can barely see the Winterville City Hall. Winterville was built up around the train station. Cotton was an important agricultural export.


A tree on N. Church St in Winterville Georgia

A large tree stands guard on N. Church Street, just down from the Winterville Center. The city is currently working on several tree initiatives to care for aging trees and plant new trees. 

You can learn more about the city tree initiatives at the Winterville Tree Commission page.


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