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Sewing Classes at the Winterville Center

Athens Sewing Classes at the Winterville Center

Starting on March 7th, the Winterville Center will be offering beginning sewing classes in classroom 101. This beginning class lasts 4 weeks and will take place on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

In the beginning class, students will make a customized tote bag for the first project, and either an apron, shorts, or pajama bottoms for the second project. Each project will take two classes to complete. Some of the skills that students will learn are how to use their sewing machine, sewing in a straight line, and adding appliques to your project.

Students will need some supplies for the first class. These include sharp scissors, pins, pin cushion, a ruler. Scrap fabric will be provided for practice.

Instructor Mary Ann Scanlon is a former high school teacher who has previously taught sewing to both children and adults. She brings great enthusiasm for both teaching and sewing to the classes here at the Winterville Center.

The Winterville Center hopes to offer more sewing classes in the future for different ages and levels. If there is sufficient interest in the beginning sewing class, more advanced sewing classes may be added. 

We are looking for donations of sewing machines for future classes and possible summer camps. If you would like to donate a sewing machine in good working order, please call us at 706-742-0823.

Pre-registration for Beginning Sewing is required as seats are limited to 8. Anyone seeking Winterville or Athens sewing classes should consider signing up at 706-742-0823.


The Winterville Center offers Athens sewing classes

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