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The Mental Benefits of Chess


Ever wanted to boost your brain power? Chess may be a solution to enhance your ability to learn, think, read, and create. But chess can offer more than just brain power to both children and adults.


Builds Brain Cells

Some studies indicate that chess can develop the dendrites in your brain. Dendrites are nerve cells that aid in the sharing of information. Other studies have examined how some people have raised their IQ scores by playing chess.


Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s

Along with the development of dendrites, studies have suggested that improved brain function can help slow the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Like the muscles in your body, mental fitness and longevity can be built through playing chess.


Increases Problem Solving Skills

Chess can help children and adults develop skills in analyzing problems and inventing creative solutions. Chess teaches students to slow down and create a process for determining how the other player might react. Students of chess gain practice in finding multiple solutions to difficult problems.


Improves Reading Skill

One surprising correlation in a 1991 research study involved an improvement in reading skill among young chess players. The study, conducted by Dr. Stuart Margulies, tracked the reading scores of elementary students when compared with students who did not play chess. The students who played chess scored above the national average even if they were in a district that normally performed below average.


Learn Chess at the Winterville Center in Winterville GA

Interested in learning more about chess? The Winterville Center offers beginning chess classes on Mondays at 6:30pm. The instructor is U.S. Chess Federation member Tomas Ramirez, Ph.D. Children aged 10 or over are welcome when accompanied by a parent.


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