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Third Anniversary Low Country Boil

Winterville Center Low Country Boil


We gathered on Thursday, March 7th to celebrate the Winterville Center for Community and Culture’s third anniversary with an old-fashioned low country boil!



Low Country Boil


What Is Low Country Boil?

A low country boil is a type of seafood boil that contains shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. It’s traditionally seasoned with Old Bay seasoning. In some parts of North Carolina, it’s called Frogmore Stew.


Low country boils are usually served on newspaper without the use of plates or utensils. This dish tends to be favorable for serving large groups of people and is fairly easy to prepare.


Low Country Boil Being Prepared



Our Mardi Gras celebration included plenty of delicious low country boil for everyone who attended. The food was made by Valerie and Scott Hayes.


We also enjoyed a selection of homemade desserts made by several who attended. Patty Boyd made two King Cakes, which are the traditional dessert for Mardi Gras. Each King Cake has a small plastic “baby Jesus” hidden in it. The tradition is that the person who finds the trinket should be the one to host the next Mardi Gras party.



Patty Boyd Tatted Mardi Gras Mask




Patty Boyd also donated a beautiful handmade tatted Mardi Gras mask encased in glass as a raffle prize.


The Winterville Center also gave everyone at least one free class, with a few receiving more than one free class.



Mayor Dodd Ferelle of Winterville GA


April 1st Thursday Potluck Luncheon

We will return to our regular potlucks in April.


Be sure to attend our April 1st Thursday Potluck Luncheon on April 4th at 12 p.m. Our speaker for April will be former Director Jack Eisenmann, who will be sharing with us about labyrinths.


Photos courtesy of Mike Boyd.


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