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Zumba Fitness Class Starting March 20th at 6 pm

Zumba Fitness Class at the Winterville Center

Have you heard of the dance fitness sensation that is Zumba? Zumba is a dance fitness class that mixes Latin dance moves with high-energy fitness, all to Latin music rhythms like salsa, merengue, soca, and mambo.

Burn tons of calories

Zumba classes can help you burn 600 calories or more in each one-hour class! If you want to supercharge your exercise routine, Zumba is definitely the class for you.

Keeps heart strong

A one-hour session of a Zumba fitness class can provide both sustained aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, both of which can help improve your cardiovascular health and increase oxygen levels. 

Develops coordination

Both dancing and aerobic exercise can help develop coordination and balance. Zumba can help you move better and learn basic Latin dance moves. 

Boosts Mood

Regular exercise can help improve your mood and reduce stress over the long-term, but it also provides a short term boost to mood. 

It’s fun!

Zumba not only has great health benefits, but it’s a lot of fun! In Zumba, you can listen to great music and learn some Latin-inspired dance moves while making new friends. 

Ready to try a Zumba fitness class? 

If you would like to try Zumba, come join our free Zumba fitness class on March 20th at 6 pm in room 102 with instructor Anie Hansen.

You can find more information about Zumba at their website

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