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The Benefits of Community

Are you in a community? What does that community stand for or enjoy doing? Are you looking for more friends and for personal connection?

There have been numerous studies on the benefits of participating in a community. Whether you want more motivation to get in shape, develop a hobby, or just have fun, communities can have these benefits and more. Here are some reasons you should consider joining a community.


Most communities have a mission. It could be a mission to help those in need or to develop the local community, or even just to have fun. Communities can be based in a locality or all over the world through social media, or multiple physical locations.


Having a community of people with like-minded interests can provide not only support for that area of interest but also in general. Communities provide networking, friendships, and connection between people.

Communities that allow volunteers and provide community service can provide valuable services to the public, but members who participate in volunteering may have lower rates of mortality and live longer lives.


Education may not be an integral part of all communities, but it is often an important part of the mission and action of many communities. Organizations and local groups can educate each other and the public on important issues, hobbies, and life skills.

If you take a class, you can learn a new skill and meet people with similar interests. Some colleges and universities have free or reduced-cost classes for adults and seniors. Harvard Medical School has suggested that learning new skills can slow mental aging and improve memory in adults.


If a community has a mission, such as to promote fitness, help others, or tackle a local project, the community can motivate individuals to improve themselves or those around them. Communities may help you get fit, lose weight, learn a hobby, learn a new skill, or volunteer throughout the entire process. The Harvard Business Review believes that creating a network of support may help you have more motivation to reach your goals.


Participating in a community can be fun! Communities can include fun as a component of their activities, the connection you develop with others can be enjoyable, and some communities are developed simply to encourage having fun. Whether you are playing a sport you love, creating art, learning to sew,

Ways to Get Involved in a Community

Do you want to find a community that will support and motivate you, or just have fun? There are numerous ways you can get involved and meet new people. Some of these include local and civic organizations, community centers, worship centers, religious organizations, and charities. You can also use a website like to find new communities of people with similar interests.

If you are looking for a community in the Winterville and Athens, Georgia area, you may want to check out the classes we offer at the Winterville Center, or just come by on a Tuesday morning for our open coffeehouse.

The Benefits of Community

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