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Are you interested in a game of boules? Come on and play every Sunday at 5 PM, at Pittard Park, in Winterville!

Everyone is welcome!

No equipment is necessary. No fee. Just come and enjoy the game!

 Pétanque: French version of what is known as “Bocce” in America. The goal is for the players to throw their boules (balls made of steel about the size of tennis balls) as close as possible to a small wooden target boule. The team or the player who reaches 13 points first wins the game.

The word pétanque brings back memories of a small sun-bathed village in the South of France where my great grand-parents used to live. So, when Christian invited me to the game of pétanque he had organized in his adopted town of Winterville, I had to try it out. Pétanque is a fun outdoor skill game that requires very little investment (none if your friends have boules) and no supernatural physical powers. The venue at Pittard Park is located in a very pleasant, shaded environment. The last time I had played pétanque was centuries ago, some of the players have never played, some have played similar target games. The game at Pittard Park is taken seriously enough to be enjoyable, which means the players do try their best while having fun losing or winning and rejoicing in each other’s success. Thank you Christian and Winterville.



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