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"The Senior Sewing Club" of 1916 Winterville


Winterville has a long history of crafting. Thanks to Gwen Lotte, we have a news article about a sewing club. The newspaper is dated December 1st, 1916


This is a transcript of the article:

“This club has become one of the institutions of the town. Monday afternoon Mrs. Alice Deadwyler was hostess for the club. Almost the entire membership, together with a number of especially invited guests, were present. It was good to be there. Work bags filled with ribbons and laces, crochet work and tattin--deft fingers working with flying thread and burning needle, getting ready for Christmas. But none were too busy to take part in the chatter of busy tongues and to enjoy the perfectly beautiful salad course. Every plate was a study in culinary art and aesthetic arrangement. The afternoons are all too short for occasions so filled with good cheer and other good things as was the last meeting of the Sewing Club with Mrs. Deadwyler.”


Crafting is still as popular as ever! The Winterville Center hosts a modern crafting club called Threadworks during Coffeehouse on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. There is no fee to participate. Participants primarily do crochet or knitting, though some have done tatting or needlework. This club will resume after the holiday break on January 7th.


Don’t know how to crochet? We have a $5 starter kit and someone can help you on the path of learning how to crochet.


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