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Introducing Our New Website Design!

As you may have noticed, we have a new website redesign!

The intention of this design was to make the most searched information easier to find while updating our style and mobile website.

Here are some of the new features of our website:

Calendar Feature

The calendar can now be found both on our main page and on the Classes page. The calendar on the main page is listed in schedule format, and the calendar on the Classes page is in a monthly format.

On both calendars, you should be able to click on the class name to get more information about that class.

If you use Outlook, Google Calendar, or other calendar software that accepts calendar links, you can add the calendar to your own calendar by clicking the + Google Calendar button on the bottom left of the calendar.

Camp Page

We have added a camp page that describes our one-week summer Kidz Kamp, which will be July 22nd to the 26th. You can visit that page for more information about the camp and any camp updates.

This page will disappear after the camp, but you may see it return next year.

Mobile Design

Our mobile design has been customized for ease of use. Features have been streamlined to make navigating the website on your phone, tablet, or mobile device simpler.

The mobile site does vertically align all content, so pages may be a little longer on devices with smaller screens.


We have endeavored to make our blog a bit more easier to read. Blog posts are updated weekly with updates, new classes, general center information, Winterville news, and informative posts about fitness, dance, arts, and more.

We post our blog updates on our Facebook page, so for blog updates, follow us on Facebook.


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