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Telling a Couple's Story: Planning an Anniversary to Remember

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The most memorable parties are the ones that not only tell the stories of the past but become a story themselves in the future.


Telling the story of the couple is the most important thing you can do when planning an anniversary party. This is commonly thought of as the theme, but every part of planning can highlight the couple’s story.


Planning a Central Theme


The central theme of the anniversary celebration should reflect the couple’s love story and shared interests. Who are they separately and together? Is there some interest or hobby that most of their friends would say reminds them of that couple and their story?


Parties with heavily-inspired themes such as a murder mystery may not match a couple’s story and interests. These concepts are wonderful for parties without a special occasion but may hinder interaction between the couple and guests on this particular occasion. Some couples may be uncomfortable with a culturally-themed party such as a luau unless they have a strong personal and cultural connection to that theme.


Focusing on more subtle themes that naturally allow guests to communicate memories to the couple may have a more meaningful impact. For example, an aerospace theme for two pilots would be a natural theme. You may even be able to create a theme around the couple’s last name. It may help to make a list of all the interests and activities of the couple to find one that speaks to that couple’s story.


Accentuate with Details


Instead of a slide presentation or a video, why not decorate with vignettes of the couple around the room or on each table? Include a photo and a short memory for guests to read and discuss. Spreading the vignettes out will also encourage guests to meet, mingle, and share their own memories of the couple.


Details like party favors can reinforce the telling of the couple’s story. Party favors can be inexpensive and still have meaning. One example is a printed sheet of what happened on the day they were married. Include facts from history, the #1 song or movie, and celebrities that share the same anniversary. If the couple is a fan of sports, include winning college and professional sports teams.


Include Personal Stories


Many anniversary parties have extended toasts, but the words spoken at these toasts may not be as memorable after so many of the family and friends speak. Having a videographer record family and friends telling their stories individually, while focusing on one or two featured speakers may create more lasting memories for the couple.


Are You Planning an Anniversary Party?


If you are planning an anniversary party, you have a unique opportunity to tell the love story of one couple to all their friends and family. The greatest gift you can gift them is one where you communicate not only their story but how they have affected their friends and family through their love.

Telling a Couple's Love Story Through Their Anniversary Party

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